Upper Clatford Parish Council

This is the official web site for The Upper Clatford Parish Council and you will also find information on the Village Hall, Village Clubs and local businesses, many which are in the village.

Upper Clatford parish comprises the communities known locally as Upper Clatford, Anna Valley and Red Rice. The parish is situated south of Andover and is separated from Andover by a designated Gap through which the Anton River flows. The Upper Clatford element of the parish is in a Conservation area.

The parish lies within the Test Valley Borough Council domain and our county council is Hampshire County Council. The parliamentary constituency is North West Hampshire and the European constituency is South East England. Contacts for our representatives to these bodies can be found here

The Parish Council is responsible for two playgrounds in the parish and a large playing field. It also owns several smaller plots of land and buildings as detailed here. It has a reporting and commenting interest in highways, footpaths, trees and open spaces. The Upper Clatford Parish Council meets monthly and the dates for the meeting and members of the Council can be found here. The agenda for the meetings and the minutes are also available from this web site.

If you wish to contact Upper Clatford Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk either by emailing upperclatfordparishcouncil@gmail.com or by phone 07899 640308.

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