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Fly Tipping of Green Waste Brook/Way Foundry Road

Published 17/02/2017

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that fly tipping of green waste regularly occurs behind the laurel bushes along Foundry Rd near the footpath into the bottom of Brook Way. This is both illegal, can damage tree roots and potentially becomes the site for vermin nesting etc.

Please be aware of this and ask anyone seen dumping waste in our parish to stop. Grass cuttings and vegetation can be disposed of in garden composters or through the green waste service provided by TVBC.

The Evidence:

green waste dumped branches
more dumped branches more green waste

Village Hall Events

Published 11/01/2017

Upper Clatford Village Hall events until June 2017 can be viewed from our Village Hall web page.

Accounts 15/16 Public Rights

Published 15/08/2016

Upper Clatford Parish Council period for the exercise of public rights accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016.

Doorstep Crime and Courier Fraud

Published 03/10/2014

Below are a couple of links to The Hampshire Police Website in relation to Doorstep Crime and Courier Fraud, two crimes which seem to be on the increase in our locality.

Doorstep Crime

Courier Fraud

Volunteers wanted by Test Valley Community Services

Published 07/02/2013

Tessa Makepeace has been appointed as the new Volunteer Development Officer.

Contact details of how to contact her and outline of volunteer opportunities.

village hall